Fulcrum Approach

Our Approach

At Fulcrum, we are combining the strength of local, trusted brands with the power of large volume purchasing, professional management and a passion for excellence and growth.

Growth Through Acquisition

With thousands of existing independent lumber and hardware dealers in the US, many are in a place of transition. As baby-boomer owners reach retirement age, they are looking for a way to preserve their companies and yet retire. Many of these companies have been family-run for generations and would like to see their employees taken care of and their business live on. At the same time, they want to get out and relax.

That’s where Fulcrum comes in.

We believe in the strength of the independent dealer, of locally operated business, and we have a passion for providing living-wage jobs for workers in towns large and small across the US. We continue to actively seek out and acquire companies that fit the Fulcrum business profile.

Growth Through Excellence

Not satisfied by simply acquiring companies, the Fulcrum management team is aggressively working to improve the operational performance of each and every location.

First of all, because of Fulcrum’s size and buying power, we can instantly improve an operation’s bottom line simply due to the way we purchase products and services. We pay less than the typical owner-operator.

The Fulcrum team also has deep expertise in hardware purchasing/merchandising, commodity sourcing, systems/technology, sales, marketing and LBM dealer management. We work closely with our local managers to help stores improve their performance.

But most importantly, great organizations are about great teams – and that’s our primary operational focus. We look for great managers and dependable staff, and we do everything we can to help them grow and mature. In the end, our customers benefit from better service and available quality products. Everyone benefits.

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